Graphic Design and Art Direction; Editorial and Book Design, Typography and Image Research + Teaching

Modern Animal Journal 2024

2024; Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design, Newspaper/Journal

29 cm x 38 cm—32 Pages

Graphic Design and Art Direction with Mark Schlickmann
Drawings by Rana Wassef
Published by Modern Animal Magazine
Distributed by Antenne Books (buy here)

Modern Animal Journal 2024 is a newspaper sized calendar with drawings of animals illustrating each month to come. The journal is for keeping track of your annual journey with space to organize your thoughts, intentions, and instinctively let your animal free!

The Unreliable Scientific Method to Memory and Material Culture

2023; Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design, Book
14 cm x 24 cm—256 Pages

Concept, Design and Art Direction with Thomas Suadicani

The human brain. A vital, complex and powerful organ. Controller of all body activities, it allows us to think, feel and act. Inside it, lies a compelling faculty: the Memory. A mysterious neuro-chemical process that is crucial to the human experience. Crucial, but far from being perfect. Memory has its flaws and pitfalls…

In this book we address the matter of uncertainty. Is our memory reliable? Can our memory be altered? Can we protect our memory? These questions are investigated in the form of a scientific experiment, in which we try to find solutions to these problems in the realm of artifacts and materials. Which effects do artifacts have in the human memory? Can materiality be the key to repairing it?

Modern Animal Magazine

2023; Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design, Magazine
26 cm x 32 cm—220 Pages

Concept, Design and Art Direction with Mark Schlickamnn

Modern Animal is a biannual magazine that displays the interaction between animals and the new–fashioned world, which metaphorically speaks about humans themselves. In a world where humans are trying to be animals and animals are set to act more human, we blur the lines between the human and animal existence.

Each issue of Modern Animal is based on a one word concept. The first three issues are; Alter, Bliss and Sleek. They follow the language of being verbal, highly spirited, curious, imaginative and symbolic. Simply, Modern Animal is for eccentric people who share interest for animals and contemporary culture, or just find animals cute.

Nothing and Everything 

2023; Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design, Website
Concept, Design and Art Direction with Lucia Alabart

Nothing and Everything is a data collecting and archiving tool that can be used for absurd research by featuring matters using variable media like; sound, images and text.

We are on going and everlasting. We question the why and the reason behind the symbioses of information and randomness. In this journey we invite curious opinionated people, visual researchers, auditory researchers and poetics of existence. Those who embrace randomness, absurdity, curiosity, clutter, possibilities, poetry and philosophy.

We exist simply because we want people to mindfully indulge on the wholesomeness of the research journey by going through an archive that goes against the ordinary methodologies. We are changing perceptions.

La Furia y La Aguanta by Laia Albert

2023; Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design, Photobook
14 cm x 24 cm—256 Pages

Concept, Design and Art Direction with Lena Arshakyan, Carla Gasparrini, Claudia Tardito and Miguel Cáceres

La Furia y El Aguante is a documentation of the city of Buenos Aires and the way it invades its inhabitants. It showcases the way the city and the urbanism is smashing and oppressing the people. Saturation was the main feeling Laia highlights in her photography, thus it became a big part of the book concept and art direction.

The book is divided into three sections; The Bridge, Medianeras (the sidewalls of buildings) and The River. The Bridge represents duality and the division in the city. Medianeras are static. They are ever present and they’re not going to disappear. The River is full of movement and flow. It represents action and hope which is why it also comes at the end of the book. At the end it’s a story of La Furia y El Aguante.

100 Poster Battle II × Sharing Cultural Identities

2022; Germany & Cairo, Egypt

Editorial Design, Book
17 cm x 24 cm—272 Pages
Designed and Edited with Claudia Mai, Eyad Abushaar, Jacqueline Dalüge, Marie Bochen and Nouran Ahmed
Published by Slanted Publishers

An experimental bilingual poster design project that brings together students from different universities to design posters, covering the topics: Fashion & Subculture, Food, and City. In a first round, black and white basic motifs were created, consisting of typography/text, or image/illustration/photo, or background. Just like in screen printing, the various layers were to be brought together.

Symbolically, this is already the first step of sharing cultural identity: that everyone has formulated their idea and vision in advance, but then mixes it with the thoughts and images of others, combines—to then also see from others how their own work moves and acquires new meanings.

Later, the creation of the publication became the last step of putting all the posters together. Besides the posters, the publication included interviews with some design heroes.

Remix (Variable Arabic Type and Specimen)

2022; Cairo, Egypt

Arabic Type Design and Editorial Design

Remix is a Fixed Width, Multi Axes, Variable Arabic Naskh Typeface that goes beyond weight and width variables. It challenges variable type limitations when it comes to Arabic script as it generates 12 variables that visualize sound. The sound visualization and forms are based on it’s frequency and amplitude following the Science of Sound and the Cymatics concept.

Remix dances to sound and can be: Regular, Bold, Black, Angular, Angular Bold, Angular Black, Baseline Regular, Baseline Bold, Baseline Black, Baseline Angular, Baseline Angular Bold, Baseline Angular Black.

Radio Cairo Collective × Everpress

2022; Cairo, Egypt & London, UK

Apparel Design
Design and Art Direction with Markus Lange, Abdo Mohamed, Mariam Khattab, Malak Ghonheim, Celine Raffy, Bassant Ahmed, Habiba Nasr and Mariam Koota
Production and Distribution by Everpress (view here)

Radio Cairo is a collaborative design collective that aims to explore and revive the local visual languages of the local music industry. From historical classical music to Mahraganat, each genre has its own rich identity. Each t-shirt tells a little story or gives a little insight into the local visual and musical culture.

The result is an experimental collection that reflects us, our musical and our visual taste but also Cairo and its sound and vibe. ON AIR WITH RADIO CAIRO!.

From Natural Sciences and Technology to Art and Design

2021; Cairo, Egypt

Editorial Design, Book
23 cm x 32 cm—222 pages

From Natural Sciences and Technology to Art and Design is an experimental project that drives the topics of Nature, Science and (sometimes) Technology towards Art, Design and/or BioArt, through experimenting with different techniques. Together with interviews, this publication becomes an experimental library collective aiming to be a conversation starter in the fields of art, design and BioArt with different techniques that can be used in educational and professional practices.

In this edition of the book, with Natural Sciences as the startin point, plants were put to the test. Touching on different disciplines, the techniques explored microscopy and biotechnology, creative coding, analogue printing with tools from nature, eco-printing, illustrations and illusions, herbarium and photography.

Homebound Newspaper

2020; Global Project

Editorial Design, Newspaper 
30 cm x 40 cm—40 pages
Design and Art Direction with Cihan Tamti and Joe Garrett

The conversation began in march 2020, where most countries were on lockdown and adapting to a new normality. Like any industry, it’s been a challenging one for the design industry, as a collective, we wanted to respond to this.

In isolation, we as an online community have come together to create Homebound, an international collaborative newspaper project consisting of 35 designers across 14 different countries and 30 cities. Homebound showcases what can be achieved when we adapt to our environment and come together through collaboration.